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Sunday Journal {2}

Hey Bookworms! The Sunday Journal is a book and non-book related post, highlighting my Just Finished, Currently Reading, and Up Next books, as well as posts that went up during the week, and any interesting fun facts that happened during the week.

This is kind of a boring edition of Sunday Journal this week. Because of the holiday on Thursday, and family being in from out of town, I am still reading the same CURRENTLY READING books from last week. I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July, and next week I'll definitely have new books up for this part of the post!








Happy 4th of July! Took the day off from posting!


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It was a hectic, busy week for me, and this upcoming week will be as well. We have plans most of the week with out-of-town family, so it's going to be a little sparse on postings this week. But next week! Next week I will be back to regular postings, and my reading schedule will be back on track. 
I also wanted to say hello to all of my new followers from entering the Freedom to Read Giveaway. I'm so happy you're here and hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to comment below with links to your blog/social media so I can follow you back, or just introduce yourself and say hi :))
Hope everyone has a great week!
Happy Reading!


A Shade of Vampire (A Shade Of Vampire, #1) - Bella Forrest

This book is featured in the first post of my new meme on my blog (will be live on the blog 6/18/13... check it out! www.thelittlepinkbookboutique.com) and I love it so much, that I wanted to share it here as well! I just think it's soo beautiful, what do you think?


Happy Reading,


{Review} Boundless - Unearthly #3 - Cynthia Hand

Boundless - Cynthia Hand
I enjoyed the first two books in this series - didn't love them, definitely didn't hate them; so I guess I just plain liked them. I picked up the third book in the trilogy when I saw it at the library the last time I was there, since I hadn't purchased either of the other two books (and didn't need to purchase #3 to complete my set) I decided to grab it. 
I was immediately transported back to Wyoming, and into the life of Clara Gardner, her brother Jeffrey, her "aunt" Billy, her friend Angela, and her two love interests, Tucker Avery and Christian Prescott. I had remembered pretty much everything from Unearthly and Hallowed (Which is a miracle!) and what I had forgotten about was triggered when mentioned or referred to inBoundless.
I felt that this final installment in the series was slow paced, and a little boring at times. I remember in writing my review for Hallowed, saying how I felt that time went by too quickly. It did again in Boundless, each chapter sometimes being weeks or months in the future, yet still dealing with the actions of the previous chapter. I found that it felt a little disjointed to me. Also, the characters seemed to accomplish little in these large gaps of time. I think that the characters themselves remained true to who they were in the previous books, but each has grown and changed in their own ways - which I enjoyed reading about.
One thing that I absolutely hate when a series ends, is when it feels too "Happily Ever After" at the end. Sure, the characters suffered over the course of the three books, but I feel like when I closed Boundless, I was like, "Oh, okay. So that's how it ends." I wasn't happy, or sad, I really didn't feel anything. It just is what it is. Which kind of disappoints me just a bit. I love endings where you feel these crazy rush of emotions, but this one just didn't do it for me. 
I believe that Hand has interesting concepts of angels, Hell, the hierarchy of the angels, and basically her  ideals of what the contrast between Heaven/Hell, God and Fallen Angels are. Religion is one of those topics for me that is so touchy and so easily boundaries can be overstepped and turn either preachy or overly-religious to just unbelievable. I think that Hand did a good job keeping a decent balance to where I think the book is enjoyable by those looking for the angel/religion theme and those that enjoy reading about Good/Evil and angels without the religious aspect, like me.
Overall, I think the series told a good story with likable characters and creative themes and ideas that added up to three decent books that I would definitely recommend for it's enjoyment factor. It may not have wowed me, but I still enjoyed the ride.

REVIEW: The Darkest Minds #1 by Alexandra Bracken

The Darkest Minds - Alexandra Bracken
MY THOUGHTS: Holy cow, guys! This book seriously was more than I ever imagined it would be! Not that I didn't have high expectations or anything like that, I'm just saying I went in hoping to like it, but came out LOVING IT!
Can we talk about Ruby, our main character who tells the story from her POV, for just a sec? I adore her. Truly, I feel like we are BFFs now, and she is telling her story directly to me, just me, like it's a well-guarded secret. Ruby on page one is not the same Ruby on page 488, that's for sure. The situations she encounters, the emotions she experiences that she never knew were possible make her into one of my favorite heroines  by the time I closed the book after the last page. Ruby is a very selfless person who cares so deeply for others that it could be considered one of her flaws. She wants to think the best of everyone, even when they prove unworthy of her trust. She still believes there is good in people, which she chides Liam for at times. 
Besides Ruby, we spend time getting to know Liam, Chubs, and Zu. This is one dynamic foursome, let me tell you! From younger, nonspeaking Zu, to strong, level-headed Liam, and blind as a bat Chubs we get to experience their joys and sorrows, their happiness and their setbacks. Each character is so wonderfully created with such love and detail that you literally feel like you're in Black Betty (their minivan) with them as they try to find East River.
The pacing of the book is fast, flying by page after page with no lags or slow parts. There's continuous action, lots of adventure, and so many anger inducing, tear jerking, want to throw the book against the wall because thatSO did NOT just happen moments that it's like you're on an emotional roller coaster while you're reading. From run ins with PSFs, to run ins with The Children's League, to moments where one of them uses their superpowers or has them used against them, it's constant up and down, oh my god moments.
The relationships between characters is very real and tangible. Nothing ever feels forced or awkward - even moments between Ruby and Clancy (Which, yeah, can't wait to read more of, because I know we haven't seen the last of Clancy, that weasel!) It was very refreshing to see the relationship between Ruby and Liam grow and wasn't any of that insta-love. While both knew they had feelings for each other, they took their time (Thank you, Miss Bracken, seriously. Thank you!) getting to really know and trust each other, and even then it was stolen kisses that they shared in moments of fear and worry. There is still so much more to their relationship that we haven't even seen yet, so I am extremely anxious to find out where they take their relationship in the next book(s)... especially with how the book ended.
As easy as it is to hate Clancy, it is also him we can thank for the strength and confidence that Ruby develops by books end. She's managed to learn how to somewhat control, or harness and use her powers. While she still struggles with keeping her distance so that she doesn't accidentally erase herself from people's memories, Ruby is also able to grow her confidence in her abilities as well. She's also learned to fend for herself, and to rely only on herself and not trust anyone until they've proven to be trustworthy. 
I would recommend this book to absolutely any- and everyone on the face of the planet. Even if you typically do not read paranormal or dystopian, I beg of you, give this book a whirl! You will not be disappointed. (And if you are.. well, then I am sorry. lol)

REVIEW: Invisibility by Andrea Cremer & David Levithan

Invisibility - Andrea Cremer, David Levithan
MY THOUGHTS: This was one of those books that I picked up, put back, and hemmed and hawed over because I wasn't completely sure if I wanted to buy it, or borrow from the library. In May I attended the Rochester Teen Book Fest and was able to sit in on a panel that was comprised of Andrea Cremer & David Levithan. They spoke about the book that they had decided to co-author, and Invisibility was my first experience of both authors (Even though I own book #1 of Cremer's Nightshade series).
After hearing Cremer & Lethivan answer questions pertaining to writingInvisibility, and listening in as they read from chapter 5 (Cremer reading as Elizabeth while Levithan gave voice to the invisible Stephen). I am so glad that I got to see these 2 authors together, because they have such an incredible connection, such life to them and a great sense of reality and kindness that I HAD to buy a copy of Invisibility then and there - and get it signed by both of them.
Invisibility didn't disappoint. While I didn't completely fall in love with either Elizabeth or Stephen's characters, I did adore Elizabeth's brother, Laurie. I will say that each character was a breath of fresh air, in that I cannot think of any other characters in previously read books that I'd compare them to. While I do have issues with the insta-love, I will say it was forgivable in this story, considering one part of the couple is invisible. You don't run into that everyday!
The story started out a bit slow, giving the characters time to tell us their stories before dumping them into a new situation with brand new challenges. I wasn't sure how paranormal the plot would get, other than the invisibility aspect. I was pleasantly surprised, though with how cursecasters, spellcasters, and spellseekers were introduced into the tale. Both well executed and entertaining, I loved reading about the history of the magic users and meeting Millie and Saul.
I don't love or hate how the book ended, and while there could very well be room for a sequel or spin off (which I'd quickly purchase without all of the indecisive inner debating) both author's seemed pretty content at leaving the story where it ended and not revisiting. Of course that can always change - so I'd welcome more chapters about these characters and story line. There are definitely ties left loose that would be interesting to see where they would continue/go with it.
It was also very interesting to see the theme of invisibility - whether physical or mental/emotional - engulf each of the characters in different ways. From past pains to future anticipations; I love the way both Cremer & Levithan write and tell their story (from what I recall, Levithan wrote odd chapters narrated from Stephen's POV starting at #1 while Cremer picks up the evens, Elizabeth's POV beginning with #2). When I mentioned the connection they had in person earlier on in my review, that tether continues to keep them paired up while alternating chapters, working separately and only communicating to ensure they both had the same end goal in mind.
I would freely recommend this book to any of Cremer's or Levithan's fans (old & new), or anyone who loves a good love story with the typical trials and tribulations trying to keep them apart; or even if you are looking to step slowly into the paranormal genre, this would be a great book for you.

Changeling (Order of Darkness)

Changeling - Philippa Gregory DID NOT FINISH. I am so upset! I wanted to loooooove this one, considering Phillipa Gregory's adult novels are so wonderful! This one was so slow, I just could not connect to any of the characters, and it just did not hold my attention, unfortunately.

Throne of Glass

The Assassin and the Princess - Sarah J. Maas i absolutely LOVED this book! review to come...

The Debutante

The Debutante: A Novel - Kathleen Tessaro While this book ended up not being what I was expecting, I ended the last page quite satisfied. Where I expected a light, fluffy read, I was met with the sad tale of Jack Coates who'd tragically lost his wife, and Cate Albion, a flighty, misunderstood and confused young woman mysteriously back in London after living her dream in New York's art and high society world. Both Jack and Cate are flawed, real characters so full of deep emotions that I felt as if I were living alongside them the whole time. Interwoven into the story, is the tale of Diana "Baby" Blythe and her sister Irene. Cate and Baby's lives seem to parallel one another, and also that of Rachel. I am thoroughly surprised at the amount of enjoyment I got out of reading Tessaro's novel; however, I do wish that we got more story into the Blythe sister's lives than we did.I'd freely recommend to anyone who loves historical novels with light dabblings in romance mingling with the present day.


Breathe - If you are looking for a fast-paced, action packed dystopian with a unique spin on a post-apocalyptic world and incredible characters that you'll keep thinking about long after you end the book, then you should read Breathe.Full review will be posted on my blog HERE on 11/26/12

Eve and Adam

Eve and Adam - 0.00/5.00 Stars. Did Not Finish.Unfortunately I wasn't able to get into this one. Read my review HERE

The 90-Day Novel

90 Days to Your Novel: A Day-by-Day Plan for Outlining & Writing Your Book - Sarah Domet has some good tips for sure, but i dont think that all of the exercises would really benefit me. i read it, took from it what is beneficial, and helpful and will go on to write in my own fashion utilizing some of the info from the book.

My Life Next Door

My Life Next Door - Huntley Fitzpatrick "An epic story of first love and heartbreak, mixed with ample amounts of finding yourself and friendship fall outs and finding your place in your family and the world."Read my full review HERE

Carnival of Souls

Untamed City: Carnival of Secrets - Melissa Marr The world building absolutely blew me away - it was incredible!!Read my full review Here

Poison Princess (The Arcana Chronicles, #1)

Poison Princess  - Kresley Cole If you love action packed, post apocalyptic tales woven with romantic tension, zombies, tarot and incredibly developed characters fighting to survive across a barren, danger filled landscape, then this one is for you!Read my full review HERE

The Book of Tomorrow

The Book of Tomorrow - Cecelia Ahern Did Not Finish//I read up to page 100 but unfortunately decided not to continue. I was having a very difficult time connecting with Tamara, and while she has the "book" in her possession, she still (1/3 of the way thru the book) hasnt figured out yet what it is/we arent into what I thought the whole book would be about. So unfortunately I am going to walk away from this one.

Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1)

Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1) - View my complete review Here