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Cardboard Characters

Cardboard Characters - Julie Seifert My Thoughts: I typically don't read very many YA Contemporary Romances, so when approached to review this title, I figured I'd go for it, maybe get myself back into the genre that I used to read exclusively. Leah Bergan is a breath of fresh air. She's quirky, and spunky, and engages in silly games of "pretend war" with her best-guy-friend, Eddie. Leah is okay with the fact that she's not popular, because she likes who she is; even if she has moments of insecurity, wondering if her actions have gone too far. Overall she is a very loyal character to her friends.Leah is part of the drama club, and when time comes for auditions, she decides to botch it, so that there's no hope of being cast, and so she can join her best friend, Olivia, on set design. Of course that would be too easy, and the show directors, Mr. Treeny and Minerva Watson, decide she's perfect...for the lead!A lot of the story centers around Leah going from knowing who she is, to suddenly questioning everything in her life. She's always worried about what her confident, successful mother is thinking of her - and assuming she wishes she'd had a normal daughter, and not gotten stuck with Leah; she knows that Eddie - whom everyone in school thinks is gay - is secretly in love with her; and then there's Nathan aka Treasurer Boy. Leah and Nathan had a class together last year, but Nathan had a girlfriend, one that Leah knew was pretty, and confident, and didn't do anything silly or ridiculous like Leah does. Therefore when Nathan starts popping up at rehearsals since the student government is monitoring the drama club, she's surprised to find herself getting closer to him.We all can recall that year of high school where it seemed that everything went wrong, only to somehow right itself in the end. When a scholarship is given to Eddie to use as he wants (aka give it to the drama club to save their production of "Afterland") because he brings "diversity" to the school, things start to go downhill and fast. Leah suddenly finds herself torn between her loyal buddy, Eddie, who's suddenly hanging with the wrong crowd; and Nathan, who deserves the truth but Leah finds herself lying to, to protect Eddie. Everything reaches a pivotal moment where Leah thinks she's lost everything and everyone; including herself.I really loved Leah's character. She's so easy to relate to, that when she suddenly finds herself unsure of everyone in her life, and everything around her, I found myself rooting for her! She doesn't give herself enough credit, and when she runs away and finds herself in a tiny town, back on stage at the local theater near where her car broke down, Leah finally realizes that the thing holding her back the most, has been herself.Seifert's writing style is a fresh spin on the YA world. Reading Leah's story was like reading a note or a journal entry that she'd written and let me have a peek at. It's witty and engaging, and keeps you rooted to your seat, wanting to keep reading no matter what else demands your attention! With a happily-ever-after ending, and character's you truly grow to love, I'm glad to have read this book and will definitely recommend to any lovers of Young Adult novels.My Rating: Simply Delectable!!!