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Remember Me

Remember Me - Christopher Pike I read this book on a recommendation from my best friend. After loving the first volume of Thirst, I decided to give Remember Me a try as I really enjoyed Pike's writing style and open views of the world and its workings. You must have an open mind while reading this series. Pike touches on many things that some may find offensive as far as spirituality, the ideas of reincarnation, and a mix of Buddhist/Christian views. Pike never says one religion is the right one, or the one that will get you the furthest after you die. He's simply showing different beliefs in what occurs after death. The idea of Peter coming back as a cripple is interesting. He did not come back crippled because he committed suicide. He was reincarnated as a cripple because he would've been crippled had he survived the accident that killed him. Many people may not believe in the power of prayer healing spinal injuries or paralysis however there are many accounts of this occurring. If you open your mind and let go of the restrictions that our beliefs, religions and society place on us its much easier to take this book for what it is. It is just a story, the ideas of the author, its not anything that says you have to think this way or believe the same beliefs as he does. I believe that Pike is exploring many ideas in this book that a lot of people think but don't discuss on a daily basis.The first book was very strong, and the second book was okay. It had parts that I'd find myself needing to reread, or really think about because the Rishi didn't give clear, concise answers. He wanted Shari to really THINK about what she was asking. What did she want? What did she truly believe or desire? It made me start thinking the same things about my own life. I did not enjoy the third book as much, and found myself only wanting to finish it to see how things wrapped up. I didn't enjoy the stories that Jean/Shari wrote - however it was an interesting concept that the story she was writing was what had happened in the past. It was a bit predictable though, and I knew that Roger was the "Bad guy" that the Rishi discussed with Shari before she reincarnated as Jean.One thing that I would've been interested to see would be what happened to Jean and Lenny's souls once they left their bodies and Shari and Peter took over their physical selves. Were they able to find peace? Did they ever reincarnate? Since Peter had more "karma" to work through because he'd committed suicide, would Jean and Lenny need to do the same? I feel like there was more that could've been explored in the 3rd book rather than just the fluff that Pike fed us.Overall, I truly enjoyed the book and think that 4/5 stars is a good rating for it.