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Raven - Allison van Diepen I will begin by saying that I didn't actually finish the book, it just wasn't holding my attention at all.I had a hard time connecting with Nic. I made it 150 pages, which is halfway through the book, and was still trying to get a feel for her character. I don't know if it's the writing style that turned me off, but I just had a tough time getting to really know Nic. I get her family life is awful and her parents are jaded by her druggie brother, and she says it bothers her, but you don't see it truly pulling her apart. When she kisses Zin and "Sees" the hole in her soul, to me that's what I needed to know about a hundred pages ago.Zin's character isn't mysterious or intriguing to me either. Of course he's keeping a big secret, but I wasn't obsessed with finding out the truth about him. He gave up his secret about the Jiang Shi wayyy too easily. In my opinion, if you're an immortal then you wouldn't go telling people about it. Could he have kept it from her forever? Probably not since she saw him take the guy's soul, and then saw Viola do the same to a woman in the bathroom at Evermore, the bar where they work, but you'd think he'd try to protect himself and the others a bit more. I don't like how Carlo and the other Jiang Shi trust her so much. She's a teenager, a high school girl and they're just going to..."Whoops by the way we're immortal!" yeahhhh I don't think so.It was also very difficult to get past all of the break dancing lingo. It overdid it big time. I pretty much skimmed over a lot of it because it was just not interesting at all and just a waste of book space.I hate giving bad reviews, I really do, but this book just didn't do it for me. I need to connect with characters in order to really love a book. Even if the plot is horrible or the writing is bad, if I can fall in love with the characters it makes all the difference.In this case, I couldn't connect with anything. While it held my interest for 150 pages it just fell flat for me. It was a good concept but poor execution.