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The Debutante

The Debutante: A Novel - Kathleen Tessaro While this book ended up not being what I was expecting, I ended the last page quite satisfied. Where I expected a light, fluffy read, I was met with the sad tale of Jack Coates who'd tragically lost his wife, and Cate Albion, a flighty, misunderstood and confused young woman mysteriously back in London after living her dream in New York's art and high society world. Both Jack and Cate are flawed, real characters so full of deep emotions that I felt as if I were living alongside them the whole time. Interwoven into the story, is the tale of Diana "Baby" Blythe and her sister Irene. Cate and Baby's lives seem to parallel one another, and also that of Rachel. I am thoroughly surprised at the amount of enjoyment I got out of reading Tessaro's novel; however, I do wish that we got more story into the Blythe sister's lives than we did.I'd freely recommend to anyone who loves historical novels with light dabblings in romance mingling with the present day.