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Awakening (Lily Dale Series)

Awakening - Wendy Corsi Staub I picked this book up because I live about an hour from Lily Dale and visit it as often as possible. Staub definitely captures Lily Dale as I know and love it. It's such a quaint town as if you literally stepped back into the 1800's. Its not spooky or eerie there, but you can feel the energy of spirits.This story is wonderful. At first I was a little put off by the narrative, I found the 3rd person narrative she uses to be a bit odd...but that's nothing that would detract from the story at all.Calla is a wonderful character. She's strong, but flawed. She makes mistakes but Odelia - Gammy - loves her no matter what. At first I was a little irritated with Calla's character because she was almost bratty. But then you stop and think why she's acting that way and realize all that she's gone through:-She lost her mother in a brutal murder-Her father moved clear across the country to CA-She's living with a grandmother she doesn't know who happens to be a medium.-She's starting a new school for her senior year.-She's 16--which is tough enough without all of that other stuff thrown in there.It gets a bit annoying how she's wishy washy about Blue & Jacy--which unfortunately follows into the next 2 books, but finally gets resolved in the 3rd book--as do other things...but that's for the review of that book not this one!I really enjoyed this book, and while I wouldn't say I loved it or that I'd recommend it to any and everyone, I really liked it and the story continues to get better.